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Latest Podcast

Latest Podcast

CyberBeat #54
September 2022

FEATURE: This week we talk about the royal commission into robo-debt.

Latest CyberBeat News

Royal Commission Into Robo-debt Announced

21 September 2022
The royal commission is set to examine the actions of bureaucrats who implemented the program and brushed off warnings over its legality.

Facebook reported users to FBI

21 September 2022
“It was done outside the legal process and without probable cause..."

Super thin, deep insert skimming devices target ATM card data

21 September 2022
Crooks can clone payment cards

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CyberBeat news #53 14 September 2022

This week more evidence comes to light exposing Twitters risk to national security  as well as security and privacy risks to individual users.

CyberBeat news #52 07 September 2022

Dione Green investigates the common scams affecting elderly Australians.

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CyberBeat news #51 31 August 2022

This week we talk to Tim Burrowes, author of Media Unmade, the definitive story of Australia’s media over the last decade. 

CyberBeat news #50 24 August 2022

Professor Edward Santow talks with Malcolm about the Human RIghts and Technology Report.

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